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About Online Coaching

"It's about Hope, Self-Belief and becoming your best version mentally and physically."

----------Who is it for? (Suitable for both English and Chinese speaker)

Suitable for all fitness level

Busy professionals

Who likes flexible work out schedule

Who wants mindset and lifestyle change

Get strong with more energy, lose stubborn weight

Master self-care, self-belief and self-love

With or without gym access

Develop a healthy food relationship, no guilt eating your favorite snacks

No restrictive diet, food weighing, or complicated measuring works

---------- How does it work?

Onboarding Questionnaire and movement assessment

After sign up, you will receive a detailed questionnaire, documents and my assessment video link to help me understand your goals, expectation, readiness as well as your movement quality. (To make sure you move safely before moving often)


Tailor-Made Training Program delivered on IOS/ANDROID

With the information received I will create a tailor-made program according to your unique needs no matter you have gym access or not and how much time you have. Whether it's 10mins a day or 60mins a day. You’ll be able to access your plan directly on your phone or computer where you can upload pictures, measurements and sync with wearable fitness devices. The apps offer over 1000 exercises plus my own video demonstration. Its instant system notification allows me to know whether you have executed the exercise plan, it also offers your progress data analysis, works out personal best, how much you have improved, etc.

Trainerize .png

Nutrition Plan and recommendation

None of my clients need to follow a restrictive diet nor giving up any foods that they love. You will receive a comprehensive nutrition report that does all the calculations for you no measuring foods or weights them, thus take away your guess works and hassle. Simple meal plans and shopping list are also included.




In my coaching we don't focus on any specific best diet we focus on which diet or eating habit best fit a specific client and that allow them to do it consistently and willingly every day, my clients have successfully achieved the followings while enjoying their lives

- Develop a healthy relationship with foods.

- Not seeing foods as "Good " or "Bad". No guilty feeling related to food.

- Not seeing them as cheater eating Pizza, chips, ice-cream, donuts, they can still enjoy those while losing fat or gain muscle.

- Improved their binge eating and emotional eating habit.

Check out what they say and what they eat under my coaching you will be surprised.

Trainerinutze .png

Holistic Wellness Approach, it's not just about physical change

In Myles Lau Wellness Coaching, mindset is a big big part of it. Physical health (longevity over appearance)is important but we focus more on hope, self-belief and creating happiness from within. If you can improve your inner world, then your external world will follow. It's not the other way around.


We help you find your real why for change and teach you how to make gradual tiny habit changes that fit your lifestyle, no short cut, no crazy restriction. We make sure you are willing, ready and able to make every change we discussed (not just one-sided instruction from me)

Each week we will set new habits and we will also engage in a lot of inner works like self-affirmation, getting rid of the false self -belief, reviewing your values and how you express them in the outside world, whether they align with each other,what causes your emotion at certain point of time etc.


More accountability and support with a fraction of my In-person training cost.

Your Program includes an onboarding call to discuss your program and your expected results. Plus a monthly exercise review call, weekly check-in and unlimited instant messaging support with a set hour in the middle of the week.

Leveraging the power of the internet and cutting out the overhead costs of the gym means that you get more for your hard-earned dollar. Online platforms and mobile communication tools keep me wired and accessible to my clients even if they are hundreds or thousands of miles away.


---------- Success stories

Success 1
Photo from Myles Lau(1).jpg

​“In the beginning, I was skeptical about the efficiency of online training as there may be a risk of miscommunication and misunderstandings. I was thinking online training won’t replace face to face training where corrections can be made live.


However, Myles has found a way to handle those issues. The idea of sharing photos of meals was great and easy. The same with the feedback of recordings made during the exercises. I feel more confident on exercise and my technique has improved as I send my work out videos to Myles weekly, although the comments were given virtually, I have fixed a lot of incorrect movements that I didn’t realize and I am able to lift heavier.


Before training with Myles, I will always feel tired after meals and crave sugar. I have not recognized the obvious connection between stress and the desire for fast energy from simple sugars. Combined with hunger and laziness I was eating improper meals. Myles has use fruits and proper sugar timing to solve my craving and make sure I have more nutrients while feeling less tired. I actually eat more and feel much more full while still losing 2kg in 1st month. I can still enjoy drinks with friends and eat chocolate and pizza sometimes without restrictive dieting.   



Myles also helped me identify habits that can lead to better health, including how to build non-exercise habits like walking stairs or going for a walk, how to handle stress better, sleep better and pay attention to the body cues and plan ahead, etc. Overall I find training online with Myles offers a great way to get direct feedback on all aspects of training: training planning, nutrition, sleep patterns, stress management in an easily digestible manner. ​"

-------------------Mr. P  from Poland.

Success 2

​“When I first considered signing up with Myles as my virtual PT, I was a little apprehensive about the support and effectiveness of the program given my PT wouldn’t be with me in person watching me workout. However, the app is very simple to use and Myles created a tailored program based on my specific needs – and this is a fluid program that helped avoid reaching a plateau or getting bored. I was also initially concerned about the lack of access to machines as my gym is very basic, but Myles created a bespoke program based on what I had access to already.


I have been training with Myles for nearly 2 months and the approach he has taken with me has been to encourage small changes rather than anything too extreme - “daily habits” as Myles call them. My previous approach to exercising was almost like a rollercoaster, I would train hard for a few weeks and then barely do anything for a while.


My behavior and attitude to working out have changed now, Myles encouraged me to make suggestions based on what I wanted to see improve (e.g. better eating habits, more rest, etc). Myles’ approach is to ask you for suggestions on how things can improve, looking back a few weeks, I actually proposed those changes myself and nothing was forced on me.


Myles keeps track of my progress via the app but also offers personal support when needed. Overall, I (and my wife!) have seen some physical changes already but my mental attitude to working out is drastically different. I look forward to exercising rather than dreading it. I also don’t feel guilty if I indulge and have a pizza or a few beers; which is a mindset Myles really instills – exercise regularly and you can enjoy yourself once in a while, you don’t need to make extreme changes that are unsustainable.  ​"

-------------------Mr. Raj from India.

---------- Ready to kick start your transformation?

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