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I was making this baby for 8 months with the questions in mind like,


How can I impact more people with my limited time and resources?

How can I help people to live and feel healthier and happier no matter how old they are, even though they don't have time or resources to train with me?

How can I let people know they don't need to spend a lot of time searching for different best diets and exercises without seeing too many results?

How can I show people they can see results while eating their favorite foods and still drinks with friends without any guilt and bad feeling?

How to help people finally check off their health goal items in your 2021 new year resolution?


Today I got all these questions answered.


I have made this Ebook that gather years of I and other experts' experiences and condensed it into a practical book that covers mindset, lifestyle coaching, nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress management.


If you guys have followed me or known me long enough you would know I went through a mental and physical transformation journey from being fit to overweight to inactive and finally to be fit in my 30s. From having a victim mindset to having an I am responsible for everything and I can do it mindset.


With years of struggles and seeing others still struggling, it urges me to go on a journey to inspire others to break their self-imposed limits and live a healthy and limitless life.

I want to let everyone knows no matter how bad your upbringing was, how messed up your life was, how old you are, how impossible you think it is, you can always make a positive change if you start to believe in yourself.


This is definitely not just a weight loss book, I wouldn't spend 8months just to help you lose weight.


It's a total transformation book hoping you all walk out with a new identity knowing you can achieve whatever you put your mind into.


Yes you will see physical change if you follow all the instructions told but most important, you will upgrade your self-belief, self-awareness (your values, passion, strengths, etc.) and mindset, together with habit change tools offered (how to create habits that beat lack of motivation, how to set smart goals and breakdown goals into manageable skills then to action, etc.)


This Ebook will surprise you by clearing out a lot of misconceptions regarding fitness and nutrition so from now on you will start seeing more results and save much more time to trial and errors yourself. Use those time to have fun with your family and kids.


If you are serious about changing your health and give yourself a lifetime health gift to kick start 2021, two meals cost (100HKD or 13 USD) and consistency are what it takes.

Own your life - Your Body and Mind Transformation Guide

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